About Us

Since our founding on January 1, 1869, at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Va., Sigma Nu Fraternity has been a pioneer in the fraternal world. Originally founded and known to this day as The Legion of Honor, Sigma Nu is the only social fraternity in existence founded in firm opposition to hazing and based on the principle of Honor.  Sigma Nu is the first general college fraternity to offer risk reduction policies and a comprehensive membership education program, remaining committed to both our mission and vision for over 140 years. Currently, there are 170 active collegiate chapters and colonies hosted at universities and colleges throughout the United States. Since 1869, Sigma Nu has proudly initiated more than 240,000 members.

The Mu Zeta chapter of the Sigma Nu fraternity is committed to promoting leadership, responsibility, and academics, as well as to nurture an unrivaled bond of brotherhood. This brotherhood is achieve through each member's dedication to honor, truth, and love through their collegiate career. 

Mu Zeta Alumni Association (MZAA) was established more than 10 years ago. MZAA is dedicated to support young brothers in Mu Zeta Chapter at Rochester Institute of Technology throughout their collegiate years and post-graduation career. 

MZAA Executive Board members
MZAA Executive Board 2015-2017:
Eminent Commander: Andrew Hursin
Lt. Commander: Bill Riha
Treasurer: Aaron Aucoin
Recorder: Dave Reid